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Makki USA™ garment printers offer the patented Intelligent Printing System (IPS), a unique process that combines the latest in digital technology with the versatility, productivity and style of screen printing. Produce unique, premium quality garments your competitors cannot match and improve your margins. Whether an established screen printer or embroider looking to expand your capabilities or just starting out and looking for the latest in sustainable digital printing technology, Makki USA™ has the right solution for you. Makki USA™ garment printers come standard with the TOPAZ RIP, which gives users full print control, making it possible to load multiple ink sets simultaneously for maximum media flexibility. For example Textile Pigments, Dye-sub or multiple blacks can be installed to print on cottons, polyesters or film positives interchangeably. The print capacity of the Makki USA™ garment printers (up to 3.5" in thickness), allows printing on a large variety of media, such as tiles, wood, leather, silk, and many others. Finally Makki USA™ garment printers are proudly manufactured in the USA and supported directly by the manufacturer or its agents.